Telescopic bow whip Professional CARBON Composite

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Telescopic bow whip Professional CARBON Composite

Telescopic bow whip with slim X-tec handle is ultra light in the hand FLECK bow whips impress with perfect balance, special elegance and optimized ergonomics - for fatigue-free, joint-friendly handling.

The innovative pocket whips for professional and leisure use are robust, ultra-light and super-practical. A modern whip concept for driving one-, two- and four-in-hand horses, which also inspires the professionals. But also as a touching whip for daily ground work, Pocket -whips offer outstanding product advantages. In addition to the slim X-tec handle for optimum positioning in the hand, the use of high-tech carbon ensures maximum stability and load-bearing capacity at a sensationally low dead weight. And best of all: Thanks to the small slide-in segments, the pocket whips can be easily pushed together to a compact and thus space-saving size and pulled apart for use in seconds. Efficient, ultra-light and space-saving - these are the new pocket whips from FLECK - the ultimate training equipment for riders and instructors! The ideal combination of classic craftsmanship and state-of-the-art materials. Made in Germany.

length: 120cm, 165cm, 190cm, 220cm, 250cm, 380cm, 490cm + bow with leather tip

color: black

X-tec handle 45/120 cm, telescope 3-fold, 15 cm bow 55/165 cm, telescope 4-fold, 15 cm bow 65/190 cm, telescope 4-fold, 15 cm bow 68/220 cm, telescope 4-fold, 40 cm arc 65/250 cm, telescope 5-fold, 40 cm arc 65/380 cm, telescope 7-fold, 40 cm arc 65/490 cm, telescope 9-fold, 40 cm bow more also under driving whips... On request, bow whips with 120 - 220 stick length and 80/100bows can also be supplied with four-legged bow320/380cm. Almost all bow whips can be equipped with rotary or interchangeable bows.