Single Horse driving reins BigBoy in Extra Large

Product no.: Pro 7127 BigBoy

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Single horse driving reins BigBoy

ExtraSizes XFull Coldblood, XXFullDraft, XXXFull Cold Blood

Dimensions XFull approx. 22mm wide, 460 cm long

made of high-quality linen leather with stainless steel buckles

line ends each with loop-in plucks for buckling into the bit

The single span line consists of two long individual pieces which have a buckle and stockings at the back to buckle the two individual pieces together.

Colour: nature/london

Full / XFull (approx. 4.50 m; approx. 25 mm)
XFull (approx. 4,60 m; approx. 25 mm)
XXFull (approx. 4.70 m; approx. 25 mm)
XXXFull (approx. 4.90 m; approx. 25 mm)