Shetty harness for single horses

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competition suitable RED Shetty harness for single horses

in proven quality from Pro Cheval

with straight breastplate, driving bridle, saddle/ridge cover, straps
Holes oval punched
High quality stainless steel fittings, roller buckles
leather grommet, nylon reinforced
reinforcing nylon inserts and buckle underlays
Padded breastplate, belly strap, neck tie strap, and rear harness
rope/comb pads filled with wool
Neck strap - comb pad padded and shaped
Single rear harness padded
Drawstrings, the smaller sizes 2-fold stitched, the larger sizes 4-fold stitched

Dimensions single harness: breastplate 70x5,5cm, neck strap 49-67cm, handling 86cm, croup strap 92-107cm, crupper 82-100cm, rope 72cm leather pad 96-116cm, belly strap 50cm

Headpiece: browband 40cm, noseband 50-56cm, neckband 36-46cm, cheekpieces each side 18-22cm

Indication is always the smallest and largest setting

(Special designs are also possible, also order of spare parts - single parts, the photos show a special design minishetty with hind harness)

Color : RED (yellow, rose, burgundy, green, brown, royal backed harnesses can be made on request)

Sizes Shetty

The harness is "off the shelf" so to speak and not specially made according to your measurements, so we do not have the possibility to exchange individual parts if something does not fit, but we can have it made.

If the ponies are different sizes or do not fit the measurements, we will be happy to put together an individual harness for you. Alternatively we can also offer a custom made harness (max.10% -15% extra charge)