Narrow long reins made of washable webbing; Biothane, ComfiCord

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Narrow long reins made of washable webbing; Biothane, ComfiCord

16mm width, 2,5mm thickness usual sizes are Minishetty 4m, Shetty 5m, Pony 6m, Cob 7m, Full 8m, XFull 10m, special sizes are also possible both sides with buckles (therefore 20cm strap extra/included in the price), so that hooks can be buckled in as well all webbings are super durable, weatherproof, protection resistant, dimensionally stable, flexible at any temperature, do not mold and are attractive in color extremely !! resilient Water repellent webbing Water repellent webbing coated with PVC/TPU material is much more durable than traditional polypropylene webbing. It is abrasion resistant, 100% water repellent, bacteria resistant and does not stretch out BioThane®-BETA webbing has a non-slip coating that has the look and feel of leather. It has a matte appearance, feels good in the hand and commands are transmitted directly. The leather embossing gives it a pleasing appearance. It retains its flexibility even in very cold weather. The high quality synthetic belt has an internal polyester fabric and is covered with PVC.It is more durable and long-lasting than leather, absolutely waterproof, dirt resistant. Biothane is always sold as an exact meter, so these products are made as a measurement over the entire length, for the other webbing is from buckle to buckle ComfiCord is a PVC coated webbing with extreme strength and durability. It feels similar to leather in the hand, but due to the material it is slightly softer and therefore more comfortable - which is especially positive when using reins, leashes and lunges. The matt surface does not absorb moisture. Care is limited to wiping with a damp cloth. suitable from minishetty, pony, thoroughbred, warm blood, cold blood Depending on the type of ground work, size and training level of the horse, the length of the bridle can vary considerably. Re-measuring is recommended, as these reins are custom made and cannot be exchanged Colors by arrangement, bright colors are very popular with the little riders. one hook on each side possible after consultation and extra charge reins are delivered with stainless steel fittings, so that you can change the hooks at any time also available as lunge line, carriage leash, dog leash etc. more horse harnesses & reins in