Minishetland halter from Miniline

(1 piece(s) = 7.95 €)

7.95 €

incl. VAT, plus delivery


Sturdy nylon halter for the little ones of the little ones !!!

These halters are specially tailored to the sizes of Minishetty's, American miniature horses and Falabellas

2-way adjustable by thorn buckles with multiple adjustable neck and chin straps,

Chrome-colored fittings and soft nylon

In four different sizes

1 = Suction foils

2 = Minishetty yearling and Shetlandpony foal

3 = Minishetty and Shetlandpony yearling

4 = Minishetty grown

Colors: red, royalblue, black, black-pink, black-purple, black-light green