Maukosan Spray for the care of skin and hoof problems.

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Maukosan Spray for the care of skin and hoof problems.

new packaging as spray 250ml

Special gel for the care of skin and hoof problems, especially in the area of the fetlock. Helpful for damp skin areas.

Composition: copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, potash alum, chamomile, arnica, tea tree oil extract, propolis.

New: Now ready to spray - the fast effective help for skin problems such as mallenders and thrush. Copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, chamomile, arnica, tea tree oil and propolis effectively dry and soothe weeping areas. A 1-3 day application is recommended. After that, the areas should be further cared for with SkinDoc to keep the skin elastic. HautFein soap is recommended for washing the affected areas. In the case of acute thrush, Natural Hoof Oil should be applied after drying with Maukosan. To support the affected areas in healing. Regular trimming accelerates the healing process.

Application: Apply Parisol Maukosan undiluted to the affected areas and allow to dry, do not wash off. Please wear the enclosed glove when applying, the product stains when in contact with the skin. After application, apply a grease cream (e.g. Parisol Milking Grease or Parisol Cod Liver Oil Zinc Ointment).