Hoof Tar Spray 200 ml

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Hoof Tar Spray 200 ml

Protection and care for hooves and claws. Protects the frog against moisture, dirt and bacteria. Keeps healthy and elastic and prevents thrush.
Ingredients 100% beech wood tar
Application After thorough cleaning, spray the hoof frog and sole from a distance of approx. 20 cm until even blackening is achieved. After each application, clean the spray head, hold the can with the spray head downwards and spray briefly.

Our info With good horn quality and well maintained box you can almost do without hoof tar today. However, in cooperation with the farrier, directly when he was there - it does some sick hooves (thrush ect.) good to apply the beech wood tar thinly. It can harden the hoof a little and protect it temporarily from new infestation due to its disinfecting effect. The preparation is important, because the hoof tar ensures that the hoof is sealed airtight. In the worst case Baktieren prosper thereby particularly well

On request also available for brushing in other sizes