Double harness Mini-Mini Shetty with anatomically curved breastplates

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Double harness Mini-Mini Shetty with anatomically curved breastplates

padded anatomically curved breastplate with neck strap,

breastplate gently curved, with the ends also slightly tilted, for an anatomically curved optimal traction line!

Driving bridle nylon reinforced: Cheek pieces with blinkers Browband with chain Noseband curved for ear freedom Noseband, headpiece and browband padded

traces with D-ring in proven quality

neck strap - comb padded

saddle and belly strap

High quality stainless steel fittings, roller buckles reinforcing nylon inserts

saddle pads filled with wool

neck strap with fixed line guide rings

traces, the smaller sizes 2-fold sewn

Dimensions approx. Mini Shetty single breastplate harness breastplate 76x6cm complete leather pad, neck strap, handling from ring to ring 74cm, with two croup straps, crupper, rope (leather pad 72cm) smallest setting 92cm - largest setting 110cm, 30cm belly strap from buckle to buckle headpiece: browband, noseband, neckband, cheekpieces with flaps indication is always the smallest and largest setting, driving line is not included more horse harnesses & driving accessories at