Blue two-seater sulky (Sulkys Cavalettie Sport Edition).

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Blue two-seater sulky (Sulkys Cavalettie Sport Edition).

The braked "Sulkys Cavalettie Sport Edition" with many extras. Standard leaf springs for the axle, telescopic suspension legs for the seat, fenders, a two-section seat, a whip holder, a storage compartment, dirt mat, a buck cushion and a cable disc brake. And has a manageable weight of 55 kg. It is spring mounted, providing optimum comfort for both pony and rider.

Also convertible to two-in-hand!

Using the adjustable scissor front parts, the sulky is suitable for minis, shettys & ponies. The width of the scissors can be adjusted to the driving horse by adjusting the front parts. The height can be adjusted in five steps and the length can be adjusted to the back length of the pony by changing the front parts. So it can be used for every stick size of Mini Shetty, Shetty and Pony approx. 80 to 115 cm. The gig / sulky should always be adjusted so that it is horizontal when viewed from the side and the seat, which can be adjusted forwards and backwards, should be adjusted so that you feel a slight weight when you hold the scissors at the end while a person is sitting on the sulky. The assembly of the kit is possible with a little technical savvy. We ship the cavalettie by freight forwarding and also offer self pickup. For an additional charge, we will assemble the gig for you by appointment. In the assembled state only a self-collection possible

Key data for the Sulky Cavaletti with brakes:

Use for 1 pony (single harness)

Pony size ABC One axle with two wheels

Color blue but also available in black or green

Disc brakes with cable sturdy 16" x 2.5" inch spoked wheels with 5 thick, sturdy spokes pneumatic tires whip holder side mudguards scissor height 0,90 - 1,15 m shear length 1,35 m (other lengths are available as accessories) tube diameter at the shear 25 mm spring seat (gas springs for the seat and spring axle) Trestle cushion Seat width 96 cm, suitable for two persons Perforated plate in the footwell with black dirt-trapping mat track width 90 cm length ca. 208 cm / height 95cm / width 100 Weight approx. 55kg Additional accessories available at extra charge cover / storage bag longer shears two-horse boom wheels in red or yellow sledge runners for the cold season assembly service on request possible, but then only self-collection Shipping / self pickup

The shipment will be made by forwarding agency. If you want to use the assembly service, the assembled sulky must be picked up yourself. Shipping packaging: 2 boxes 104x80x36cm + 106x45x41cm Shipping weight approx. 65kg This item is ordered on request and is therefore not exchangeable

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