Billy Allen Bit with movable center piece by Sprenger

Product no.: Sprenger W2207

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Billy Allen Bit with movable center piece

Manufacturer Sprenger

size 15,5cm, 16,5cm with 55mm D-rings

very popular stainless steel western bit

with three copper inlays, movable center piece

this bit is a soft bit, it turns on the tongue when the reins are accepted and acts on it. The side bars rest on the chests and lips without pinching them. They are intended for sensitive horses or riders who prefer a gentle bit or change to Western riding style.

The Billy Allen with a wide movable centerpiece exerts a slight downward pressure on the tongue and falls inward on the chin. The roll also serves to calm horses with restless mouths.
The movable middle part acts through the roller on the middle of the tongue. The two sides of the mouthpiece move independently, allowing the rider to lift one side of the bit away from the tongue and towards the loading. Compared to a traditional double-broken mouthpiece, the movable centerpiece distributes the pressure much more gently.
When the reins are picked up, the mouthpiece rotates completely on the tongue to exert the necessary pressure and teach the horse to yield to the pressure of the bit on the neck. The side arms of the mouthpiece are curved so that the bit rests on the chests and lips instead of pinching them as soon as it rests on the tongue. This bend automatically creates more space for the tongue under the bit.
When pressure is applied to both reins, the interaction of pinching, restriction and rewarding relief is utilized, the nutcracking effect is virtually eliminated by the design of the bit.

The polished stainless steel Western Dee is a traditional D-ring bit. The D-ring has a diameter of 7.6cm.
The traditional D-ring cheek piece protects the mouthpiece from stressing the tongue and provides a more direct communication than the ring-shaped cheek pieces. The effect is immediate when the reins are picked up, the identical pressure of the reins is passed on to the horse's mouth. The straight side of the D-ring cannot be pulled through the horse's mouth, thus preventing pinching or pinching of the lips.

Free tongue/bent mouthpiece
allows the horse to swallow freely and encourages it to relax Many conventional dentures lie flat on the tongue and thus restrict swallowing, which can lead to resistance. The curved shape of the mouthpiece distributes the pressure of the Myler bit more evenly over the tongue than conventional models.

The metals in the mouthpiece
contain among other things copper to stimulate salivation

The interaction of pinching, restriction and rewarding relief
teaches the horse to relax the neck and stay in its "comfort zone". When the reins are accepted, the mouthpiece hangs inward into the drawers and slides down into the tongue. Once the horse is relaxed in the neck, the pressure eases and the horse learns to stay in the pressure-free position.

The independent lateral movement
allows the tab to move one side of the dentition independently of the other. With conventional dentures, the rider does not have the possibility to exert one-sided pressure, which can lead to misunderstandings and resistance. The Independent Side Movement feature allows the rider to choose to act on one side only, e.g. for fine corrections or to help with balance. Bending and gathering.