Dog leash Convenience Reflect Glow

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Dog leash Convenience Reflect Glow

As fixed or adjustable leash in two versions

Fixed leash: length 120 cm | width 1.5 cm or width 2.0 cm

Adjustable leash length max. 200 cm | width 1,5 cm or width 2,0 cm

is ideal for use during sports activities and leisure time. At dusk and darkness it reveals its full potential, because the innovative material fluoresces for a true glow-in-the-dark effect. And that's not all! If dog and owner are illuminated by a light source such as car headlights or the headlamp of another dog-human team, the print on the leash reflects and ensures optimum visibility even at dusk or in weather-related difficult visibility conditions. The material used to manufacture the leash is characterized by robustness and lightness, and is tear and water resistant at the same time. If the dog unexpectedly jumps because a wild animal has attracted his attention, "the other end of the leash" need not worry, because CONVENIENCE REFLECT GLOW has a good grip regardless of the weather and, thanks to the neoprene-padded wrist strap, is also particularly soft on the skin. A top seller for demanding dog owners who attach great importance to safety thanks to visibility and prefer to walk with "light luggage". Leash for sporting activities and leisure Reflective and fluorescent for optimal visibility Eye-catching printing With neoprene padded wrist strap Durable, tear-resistant and weatherproof Antibacterial and mold free Easy to clean: simply washable Please enter the sample request under comment to the order, The ideal complement to the leash Convenience Reflect Glow is the collar Convenience Reflect Glow