leg protection for sensitive horse legs

leg protection for sensitive horse legs

Protection for sensitive horse legs ideal during work and transport,

made of different materials in different colors

from bandages, gaiters, padded boots to jumping bells

EQuest manufactures the articles on request

Leg protection draft

Leg protection draft

ideal protection for work and transport,extra for largehorse legs, size heavy Full and XFull, in different colors

leg protection Shetty

leg protection Shetty

ideal protection for work and transport
extra for small horse legs, size Shetty and Minishetty



ideal protection through fleece or knitted bandages

Customized color and design by EQuest.

Bandage pads

Bandage pads

Bandagenunterlagen bieten idealen Schutz für die Arbeit und den Transport, in verschiedenen Farben, optimaler Schutz für jedes Pferdebein

transport gaiters

transport gaiters

Transport gaiters protect horse legs during loading and unloading.

Transports before injuries and provide support



Individual protection by ankle boots or brushing boot

in various versions for every requirement 

Spring bells

Spring bells

High-quality jumping bells optimal protect the horselegs from shocks

in many different colours.

Lambskin leg protector

Lambskin leg protector

ideal leg protection with lambskin for work and transport

in different versions and different colours

Cooling Gel

Cooling Gel

Cooling and care gel with and without camphor, you will find everything for the care and health of your horse

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Velcro adapter for hoof bells

Product no.: EQ 584900

Velcro adapter for hoof bells black set of 2".

increases the circumference of the hoof bell, not the height

Sold as a pair

17.95 / pair(s) *
In stock

Bandage pads

Product no.: Pro 3003

Bandage pad per piece

skin-friendly cotton felt mixed fabric

Colour: white, Size ca. 25 x 25cm

3.00 *
12.95 €
You save 77 %
In stock

Miniline fleece bandages set of 4 (Farbe: royalblau)

Miniline Fleece Bandages Set of 4

in different colors,

suitable for Shetty, Minishetty and Miniature horses

8.95 *
In stock

Fleece bandages 4 pieces

Product no.: GR 120002

Fleece-Bandages 4piece in Set
Various colors
with Velcro fastener
Length: 300 cm Width: 10 cm

10.95 / set(s) *
1 set(s) = 8.00 €

Shetty / Pony Gaiters Set

Product no.: Pro 3304
Shetty / Pony Gaiters Set
2Rear gaiters with Velcro closure

Skin-friendly neoprene with a solid spoon


40.00 / set(s) *
78.90 €
You save 49 %
In stock

Hoof bells with lambskin

Hoof bells with lambskin, 2 pieces

Sold in pairs, sizes: S, M, L, XL

The optimum protection for the sensitive bales

20.00 / pair(s) *
34.95 €
You save 43 %
In stock

Reflex gaiters

Product no.: USG 1455 0009

reflex gaiters

sturdy chamois with double reflector tape and velcro,

Sold as a 2-piece set,

16.95 / pair(s) *
In stock

PFIFF Hoof Shoe

Product no.: Pfiff 102855

PFIFF hoof shoes Sizes: 0 to 10, see size table

Price per piece

69.95 *

New Bale protector ErgoActive

Product no.: EQ 584 800

EQuest Bale Protector ErgoActive

anatomic cut with double velcro fastener
Color: mocca, black, white Sizes S, M, L, XL

36.95 *
 Price incl. VAT, plus delivery