Saddle straps EQuest

Product no.: EQ 650800
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Saddle straps EQuest

The EQuest saddle strap is a chic yet useful product and should not be missing from any saddle. It is attached to the front of the saddle, so that you can hold on in an emergency and sit more securely in the saddle.

Color 050grey, 080anthracite, 099black, 170mud, 190mud, 320rose, 340lilac, 350red, 360 viola red, 375purple, 540aqua, 590navy

As with all EQuest products, the saddle pad is made especially for you and therefore has a longer delivery time.


Product Note Status Price
front saddle straps front saddle straps
7.95 € *
Saddle handle strap Saddle handle strap
9.95 € *
Shetlandpony Saddle Shetlandpony Saddle
278.95 € *
Versatility saddle "De River" 16" or 18" Versatility saddle "De River" 16" or 18"
100.00 € *
Leather Haflinger saddle 17,5" Leather Haflinger saddle 17,5"
249.95 € *
Versatility saddle "Black River" 18 Versatility saddle "Black River" 18
100.00 € *
Icelandic saddle 18" Icelandic saddle 18"
150.00 € *
 Price incl. VAT, plus delivery
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