insect protection

insect protection

with highly effective insect protection you can enjoy the summer
Protection by spray, gel, fly exemer blankets, fly masks or little ears,

with us you find everything for the defense of the annoying pests

Flying corners

Flying corners

Hoverbacks and masks for the protection of your horse, everything for the defense of the annoying plague ghosts



masks for the protection of your horse, everything for the defense of the annoying plague ghosts



Fly hoods from shetty to coldblood in trendy designs & colors.They protect the sensitive horse ears against flies and insects


Soulhorse Edition

Soulhorse Edition

10 care products in the proven Bense & Eicke quality in Soulhorse design

Naturalness is written in large letters:

Spray and Lotion

Spray and Lotion

Highly effective insect protection for your horse,

Such as spray, gel or lotion

everything for the defense of the annoying plague ghosts

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EQuest Fly Strap

Product no.: EQ 580000

EQuest fly hood/fly mask

to be fixed effortlessly on the horse's head by means of velcro fastener

Sizes : S Pony, M Cob,L Full

19.00 *
In stock

Parisol Brake Shock - Gel, 500ml

Product no.: Bense 1270

Parisol Brake Shock Gel

Size: can 500ml ingredient: Icaridine

8 hours effective · Free from essential oils ·

19.95 *
In stock

Bense&Eicke brake shock - 8 hours effective!

Free from essential oils · Dermatologically tested

Active ingredient: Icaridine

Size: 500ml spray bottle (other sizes on request)

18.00 *
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Insect screen for horses

Product no.: Art. 0000 Insektenschutz

Insect screen for horses by Birgit van Damsen

published by Cadmos Verlag GmbH

Paperback, German, 32 pages

4.00 *
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In stock

Horsti´s # 500ml riding wonder

Product no.: Bense 8120

Horsti´s # 500ml riding wonder

- for a relaxed ride - 100% natural.....

500 ml Extra Quiet spray bottle

21.50 *
1 piece(s) = 4.95 €
In stock

Bense & Eicke BrummerControl

Product no.: Bense 1295

Bense & Eicke Brummer Control

Highly effective insect repellent spray. Up to 8 hours protection

500 ml Extra Quiet spray bottle

22.50 *
22.50 €
1 piece(s) = 20.00 €

Bense & Eicke horse deo ideal for Exemer

Bense & Eicke HorseDeo

Due to the smell of nourishing oils, the sprayed horse is no longer recognized

Icaridine in 500ml spray bottle

21.50 *
Current daily price

Fly / eczema blanket from 75 - 185cm

Product no.: Pro 9410

Made of high-quality, tear-resistant polyester, tight

With tail strap and a chest clip closure

Sizes: 75 - 185 cm

15.00 *
23.95 €
You save 37 %
In stock

Fly fringes %Sale

Product no.: GR 990408

Fly fringes %Sale - witt Velcro closure!

Sizes: Shetty, Pony, Cob, Full, X Full

Colors: black

1.95 *
3.50 €
You save 44 %
In stock

Soulhorse horse care

Product no.: Bense

Horse shop Tasting action

Care products from Bense and Eicke /Parisol in small packages

ideal for off the beaten track or to try out

4.95 *
1 piece(s) = 2.45 €

Wondermask * Flying mask with ears

Product no.: Pro 9405

Excellent flyscreen with ears

Protects sensitive horses' eyes from annoying mosquitoes, etc.
sizes: small horse - draft

18.00 *
24.90 €
You save 28 %
In stock

Wondermask * Flying mask

Product no.: Pro 9404

Wondermask * Fly mask without ears

Sizes: S - Small horse, M - Whole blood,

L - Warmblood, XL - Cold blood

14.95 *
In stock

Fleece Riding Blanket

Striped fly blanket,tightly woven

wide velcro fastener and a tail strap

size 115cm, 135cm, 145cm

16.00 *
24.95 €
You save 36 %
In stock

Summer blanket fleece & fly protection

Product no.: FF 102311

Summer blanket fleece & fly protection

the upper half is made of high quality fleece

and the lower half from close-meshed fly fabric 

25.00 *
34.95 €
You save 28 %
In stock

Fly blanket with star motif

Product no.: USG 15500006

Flying rug with star motif

chest closures, gusset, cross straps, tail flap & cord

Color: apricot 115cm, navy 165cm

16.00 *
44.95 €
You save 64 %
In stock
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