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New Riding and Driving bridle Vintage

Product no.: Pro 7850 neu

Riding and driving bridle made of high quality leather

Browband: red, blue, green, black - white

Sizes: Shetty, Full, XFull, XXFull

79.95 *
In stock

single double horse breast harness ProCheval (Anspannung: Einspänner, Pferdetyp: XFull Kaltblut)

Complete single or double horse harness with bridle, breast leaf, harness, belts, pulling straps, rear harness
Sizes: draft

649.95 / set(s) *
In stock

New Saddle set + saddle pad with name

Product no.: GR 200106[1]

Complete saddle set ideal for wooden horses

saddle, saddle pad with desired name, long belly girth

color saddle, black, rose, blue and red

45.00 *
In stock

Outdoor blanket Mini Neck

Product no.: Pro 4011 MiniNeck

Waterproof rip stop outdoormaterial new 185

Without back seam, with non-woven padding

Sizes: 125 - 185 cm, color: dark blue, brown

60.00 *
84.95 €
1 piece(s) = 50.00 €
You save 29 %
In stock
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