If you are not satisfied with something, please call us at 01577-9041665 or in this case simply send us your complaint by email to and we will find the best solution for together.

The 2nd shipment to you in case of exchange is free for them.

And in three cases a return is always free of charge with the prepaid return label: In case of delivery of an incorrect, damaged or defective item.
Unless your item qualifies for a free return, a flat rate will be deducted from your refund.

For returns within Germany, the return shipping cost is 5,-EUR (applicable sales tax already included).

Shipping costs are a service rendered and will not be refunded for a return unless your item qualifies for a free return.

Customized merchandise and special orders are not eligible for return!

As stated in our return policy, you must return new items in the condition in which you received them and include all accessories in the return.

If the item is returned defective, used or dirty (E.g. blanket with hair, bit with chew marks, saddles used), we will reserve the right not to accept that item, but will either charge you a €40 cleaning fee, or return the item to you and charge you for postage as well.

(You also expect us to send you a new unused item, that's what other customers do. Soiled articles we can no longer sell).
II. principle under new law: consumer bears return costs

Since 13.06.2014gilt: the law obliges the consumer to bear the direct costs of return after exercising the right of withdrawal. The 40-euro limit is also a thing of the past. This means that the consumer no longer has to bear the return costs in certain situations.

This means that if the consumer sends the package back to the store operator freight collect, the retailer can demand the costs (return costs including penalty postage) back from the consumer.

III. Only with the right instruction

However, the consumer's basic obligation to bear the costs is subject to one condition: The trader must inform the consumer of this obligation. If the trader fails to do so, he bears the return costs himself.

The trader must therefore inform the consumer

    in good time before the consumer makes his contractual declaration
    in a clear and comprehensible manner
    in a manner adapted to the means of distance communication used.

about the obligation to bear the costs (cf. Art. 246a § 1 para. 2 sentence 1 No. 2 Introductory Act to the German Civil Code (EGBGB)).
V. Consumer returns goods without comment and freight collect: What applies in this case?

Returning goods to the store operator without comment does not constitute an effective exercise of the right of withdrawal. As a result, the purchase contract is not cancelled, but remains as it was concluded between the consumer and the customer. This also means that the entrepreneur does not have to refund the purchase price. The consumer therefore has no right to a refund of the purchase price after returning the goods without comment.

The trader may even wait until the withdrawal period expires after receiving the goods. He is not obliged to draw the consumer's attention to the impending expiry of the withdrawal period. Whether this makes sense in terms of customer friendliness and negative store reviews on the Internet, each dealer must decide for himself.

The costs for the return (including penalty postage) can charge the entrepreneur to the consumer, so please include a note how we should proceed with your order.