Orthopaedic dog pillow Merida

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Orthopaedic dog pillow Merida

A restful sleep is just as important for dogs as for us humans. Older dogs as well as those with diseases of the musculoskeletal system enjoy the relaxed lying on the orthopaedic dog pillow MERIDA. Even dogs that do a lot of sport or puppies that you want to prevent are grateful for the extra comfort, because the filling adapts perfectly to the body shape and can help to improve the quality of sleep. If you have the feeling that your four-legged friend is sleeping restlessly or is paralyzed for unexplainable reasons, offering an orthopedic resting place is definitely worth a try. After all, it is often small things that can make a big difference and improve the quality of life of your faithful friend. Thanks to its simple form, the orthopaedic dog pillow MERIDA offers almost endless possibilities for use - at home, on the road and when travelling.

ideal for older dogs or those with musculoskeletal disorders
with memory foam / silicone filling (flakes)
Filling is completely removable thanks to zipper
cover washable at 30 °C

Design taupe, anthracite

Dimensions M 75 x 50cm, L 100 x 70cm, XL 120 x 75cm