Nibble Protection Paste

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Nibble Protection Paste

Bite and nibble protection with the active substance: Bitrex

Size: paste, 500ml; 200ml spray can from

For bandages, fences, wooden doors, ceilings and other equipment. BitrexTM bitterness and a slight sharpness are repellent and prevent nibbling and nibbling. Also suitable for mane and tail. Horse-Stop is harmless to health for humans and animals. Long-lasting protection.Water-resistant and transparent.
200ml spray can Spray evenly on the desired surfaces. Multiple spraying increases the effectiveness.

Paste, 500ml paste with the brush evenly and not too thin to the desired places. If necessary, renew the protection. Horse-Stop paste can be removed with soap and water.

Contains: Capsicum extract, Bitrex

No longer available for export! Sales only within Germany!