Lili`s # Unique hairspray for perfect care and combing.

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Lili`s # Unique-Hairspray

(mane-tail fur shine spray). Perfect care and combing of mane, tail and coat - 100% natural #superglanz-formula - As coiffed by the star unicorn 500 ml in the Extra Quiet spray bottle One has already rumored a lot about unicorns. Especially when it sparkles once again on the barn aisle. You keep your beauty tips mostly secret. But that's over, beautiful hair should be for everyone! ... Lili Lametta knows her stuff. She is the beauty queen at Soulhorse and likes to clean up. Made hooves and shiny hair - even among the unicorns she is a real star! Her spray is no miracle or magic, however, it brings volume and easy combing like never before! With a new formula it comes along, dermatologically tested and pflegen tuts the pony coat very much. What's in it is called micro silicone oil emulsion, it dissolves dust & dirt and pushes everything else from the throne! Simply spray on tail and mane, after that no one has to struggle when combing & verlesen more. The new product series Soulhorse loves Bense & Eicke consists of new products for your four-legged friends. Super innovative are all sprays in the popular 360° professional spray bottle. A MUST HAVE for your grooming bag - so you are super trendy and your four-legged friend is top groomed ♥. Naturalness is written large more under horse health in