Lili's #Luxury Linseed Oil

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Lili's #Luxury Linseed Oil

Pure linseed oil - Horses Mineral Supplementary Feed

in best quality - cold pressed

#Natural beauty formula

Cold-pressed linseed oil for coat and digestion. The advantage of cold pressing is, among other things, that the natural oil accompanying substances are preserved (fat-soluble vitamins, phosphatides, lecithin, mucilage, etc.).

Gently cold-pressed and filtered linseed oil in food quality; its rich, unsaturated omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and natural vitamin E support your horse's entire metabolism and ensure a silky coat shine. The linseed oil can also be used externally and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is also very suitable for dogs and can also help you. One tablespoon per day helps to regulate blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke many times over.
Feeding linseed oil to horses - small amount and great effect

With a daily amount of about 50 ml of cold-pressed linseed oil a balanced and healthy feeding of horses is promoted. Not only the positive effect on the skin and coat metabolism makes linseed oil so popular. The omega-3 fatty acids in linseed oil have an anti-inflammatory effect and can positively influence immunological processes. The anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids not only have an effect on the joint metabolism, but also on the respiratory tract and the skin (especially in eczema). Cold-pressed linseed oil is therefore a valuable supplement for feeding horses, it is rich in essential, polyunsaturated fatty acids which the body cannot produce itself, and this without protein load.

If you feed it regularly, it is great for the digestion, Lili's luxury linseed oil gives the intestines a real boost again!
It also gives a naturally shiny coat, and with heavy-fed horses it helps very quickly.
Vitality and willingness to perform are promoted, the metabolism is optimized. Since I have been taking the luxury linseed oil, it literally runs "like clockwork".
In regeneration phases and during coat change it helps dog & horse, for broodmares & foals it is very valuable for the promotion of fertility, growth and organ development.
Size: 1000ml

Composition 100 % pure linseed oil / crude oils and fats: 99 % crude fibre

Feeding recommendation: For training: 50 - 100 ml / day For high performance: 150 - 350 ml / day 3 to maximum 8 weeks