Kidney herbs 800 g 100% natural herbal mixture

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Kidney herbs 800 g

100% natural herbal mixture For metabolic problems To support the kidneys Kidney herbs are a specially selected herbal mixture to support the kidney function. The excretion can be positively influenced. Nowadays many horses have to struggle with metabolic problems. As a result, the excretory organs such as liver and kidney are often overloaded and can no longer provide the necessary performance. The kidney herbs can regulate and promote water excretion in a natural way. In addition, the dosage form allows a high bioavailability, so that the ingredients can be optimally utilized directly by the body without having to be converted beforehand. Composition Nettle herb cut 30.00 %; birch leaves cut 20.00 %; goose cinquefoil cut 15.00 %; goldenrod herb cut 10.00 %; field horsetail cut 10.00 %; ginkgo 15.00 % Analytical constituents Crude protein 12.70 %; crude oils and fats 2.50 %; crude fiber 24.00 %; crude ash 9.70 % Feeding instructionsHorses (600 kg bw) 50 g / daily. Small horses 25 g / dailyDry or brewed with the decoction mix into the feed. Over 30 days as a cure application. Repeat 2 - 3 times a year as needed. Possibly alternate with Stiefel liver herbs. Storage instructions Store feed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use up quickly after opening. ADMR-NoticeADMR 48 hours after FN (as of 28.06.21)