Horsti's #riding miracle - 100% effective fly protection!!!

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Horsti's #riding wonder

#anti-nerv-formula -for relaxed horses & ponies while riding and in the pasture for a relaxed ride

- 100% natural size: 500ml in the extra quiet spray bottle #partly in old or new design # It hums and buzzes in the high grass, but one that has no fun. Horst Döner scratches and shakes, but all this does not help. Every year at this time, the pests keep themselves ready on the meadow. But now all this has come to an end - Horsti's riding miracle brings the turn! ... A natural deodorant for horses, that's not possible? Yes there is and with the scent of walnut oil and orange it doesn't let horse & rider down! It smells a little of freedom and campfire, it must be said that it is not so expensive. And it also cares for the pony's coat - Horst has tested it and whinnies "Yay"! The spray lasts quite a while in the stable and on the pasture. Finally, the ponies have their rest - so the pasture walk 'ne wellness tour. If your pony sweats and exerts itself, then the spray does not last quite so long. Always remember not to give away any part of the horse's body when spraying! And if you have an #itch pony with eczema, you can still use the spray here comfortably. It won't leave stains or marks, your pony will be happy, he won't even grumble! And if you want to jump and dance at competitions, you can do that too, because it is free of doping substances. The new product series Soulhorse loves Bense & Eicke consists of ten new products for your four-legged friends. Super innovative are all sprays in the popular 360° Parisol professional spray bottle. A MUST HAVE for your grooming bag - so you are super trendy and your four-legged friend is top groomed ♥.

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