Halter Grummel unicorn in Pony

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Lovingly crafted Grummeleinhorn halter

25 mm polypropylene webbing is particularly durable and tear-resistant.
The material is antibacterial, has a high tensile strength
very low water absorption
buckles allow the halter to be optimally adjusted to the horse's head.

Sizes: XS Pony small, S Pony, M Cob, L Full, XL XFull

Adjustable on the headpiece with carabiner on the throat strap

optionally with sliding or pin buckle, BlackFinish fittings

Sizes: XXS Minishetty, XS Shetty,

Adjustable on the headpiece + on the noseband with carabiner on the throat strap

with thorn buckle, fittings ChromFinish

Grummel articles are made especially for you - there is no stock of something grumpy like that. Delivery time therefore about 2-3 weeks