Gwen's # Leather Love No.2

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Gwen's # Leather Love No.2

#luxus care formula - for soft, supple, shiny leather

Is your leather goods cleaned with #Lederliebe number one? Then it starts now, look what number 2 can do. If you use it regularly, your leather goods will thank you for it, #Lederliebe No. 2 softens your leather and puts the dirt in its place. The mixture of vegetable coconut oil and caring glycerine make your leather supple and durable and it shines so beautifully! Don't use it for untreated or aniline, suede and nubuck leather tests on a hidden spot, then not everyone will see it! The application is simple and also for lazy people like me, simply spray on and rub with a damp cloth - even I can!
After drying, briefly polish it with a soft cloth, then everything shines twice again and you are ready for the tournament visit. Have fun cleaning now, with #Leberliebe No.1 & No.2 you can't do anything wrong.
Let's plead for clean saddlery in the stable, with #Lederliebe the dirt will no longer rule here!

500 ml spray bottle

The new product series Soulhorse loves Bense & Eicke consists of ten new products for your four-legged friends. All sprays in the popular 360° Parisol Profi spray bottle are super innovative. A MUST HAVE for your cleaning bag - so you are super trendy and your four-legged friend is top maintained ♥

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