Four horse reins Biothane/ComfiCord

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Four horse reins Biothane/ComfiCord

Four-horse driving leash Biothane/ComfiCord made of Biothane® or ComfiCord®

- stainless steel buckles light with full stability (ca.800kg)

super insensitive, weatherproof, protection resistant, dimensionally stable, flexible at any temperature, does not mold and attractive in color

The rear lines have shuttle buckles at the crosses, with which you can adjust the lengths of the inner line within the 11 holes (Achenbach analog). There are also shuttle buckles at the hand ends, which allow opening and closing here. The lines have stainless steel shuttle buckles at the front end of the jaws. The front lines are not adjustable at the crosses. We refrain from installing buckles at this point for safety reasons, as it is all too easy for the buckles to get caught in the line guide rings when making tight turns. Therefore, the front lines are tightly closed (screwed) at the crosses and instead have shuttle buckles at the mouth ends, each with three holes to balance the horses.

BioThane®-BETA webbing has a non-slip coating that has the look and feel of leather. It has a matte appearance, feels good in the hand, and commands are transmitted directly. The leather embossing gives it a pleasing appearance. It retains its flexibility even in very cold weather. The high quality plastic belt has an inner polyester fabric and is covered with PVC.It is more durable and long-lasting than leather, absolutely waterproof, dirt resistant.

Color: white, medium brown, dark brown, black, gray, dark red, red, coral, neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow, light green, dark green, dark blue, navy, purple, green blue, yellow

ComfiCord is a PVC coated fabric with extreme strength and durability. It feels similar to leather in the hand, but due to the material it is slightly softer and therefore more comfortable - which is especially positive when using reins, leashes and lunges. The matt surface does not absorb moisture. Care is limited to wiping with a damp cloth.

Color: Wine red, Red, Neon pink, Neon orange, Neon yellow, Neon green, Petrol, Dark blue, Olive, Light brown, Dark brown, Black

Length Pony 7m, Cob 8m, Full and XFull 9m; 19mm width; 2,5mm thickness

Colors by arrangement bright colors are very popular with small riders and drivers

made on customer request, therefore a little longer delivery time and no exchange possible also as ladies leash, 1Spänner, 3Spänner, longe, riding reins, dog leash ect. orderable