Felix # Frostbite - Cool Down Gel 200 ml

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Felix # Frostbite - Cool Down Gel 200 ml

Really cool for muscles, tendons and joints.

Felix Frostbite masters the piaffe with flying colours, but the whole pi and pa are pure effort for his short legs.
Muscles, tendons and joints have been thrown into peak performance, our Cool Down Gel shortens the regeneration time considerably.

Cooling and relaxing gel with natural active ingredients quickly takes away the heat of running after sports work, cools intensively and reactivates the muscles. For body and tendon care for horses. For overexerted and tired muscles after competitions and heavy work. Provides pleasant cooling and refreshes after physical exertion e.g. hiking, sport etc.

Relaxes, reactivates muscles, tendons and ligaments; can be used in concentrated or diluted form.

Ingredients: camphor, menthol
Application: Simply apply to the stressed areas, nobody can complain about the scent of menthol & camphor. Massage the Cool Down Gel into the skin, but remember not to bandage the area after application! Avoid contact with mucous membrane or eyes, you can also use it on yourself, it will do you good!