EQUISTOP Liquid against nibbling

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EQUISTOP Liquid against nibbling

Protects all objects from the most bitter material in the world.
Size: 450ml Spray can,

As special order containers 2l, 5l, 10l

Non-toxic, odorless and colorless also for use in the tail of dams.

It is the most bitter drug in the world that makes this anti-bite remedy so effective.
EQUISTOP protects by means of optimally composed active ingredients bandages, blankets, wood and the like. Articles of use from horses. EQUISTOP is also ideally suited for protection against kinking. In the case of a hitching horse, however, you should try to identify the cause at the same time. By changing the attitude. EQUISTOP should only be used as an accompaniment.

EQUISTOP is also particularly useful in rearing foals. It may e.g. Are sprayed into the tail of the mare for protection before the long hair is stored.

EQUISTOP is odorless, colorless and absolutely non-toxic. It does not leave any spots after spraying. Even with long-term use, the agent remains completely harmless for animals, humans and the environment.

EQUISTOP consists exclusively of the best raw materials, which are subject to constant quality controls.
The EQUISTOP bottles are refillable, the spray heads are reusable.

EQUISTOP is ready for use. It is sprayed on the areas to be protected and objects or applied with a brush. The application can be repeated as required. If EQUISTOP has been used in the tail, it must be washed out with EQUIGOLD horse shampoo before the next reading.

Tip: If you accidentally put EQUISTOP in your mouth, you will get rid of the bitter taste faster by sucking a piece of chocolate.