EQUIFIX Leather Oil 500 ml Leather Oil with Beeswax

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EQUIFIX Leather Oil 500 ml Leather Oil with Beeswax

- nourishes - maintains - protects and impregnates all smooth leathers

- especially suitable for very stressed or hard leather

Do not despair of leather that has become hard! EQUIFIX Leather Oil with Beeswax is a care oil for the highest demands. It contains a strongly refatting care component, which is especially suitable for stressed, dried out and also very hard leather.
The tear resistance, suppleness and appearance of the leather are significantly improved.
EQUIFIX Leather Oil guarantees the best care and sewing properties. It is quickly absorbed and is free of resins and acids.

The carefully selected active ingredients gently remove light soiling and provide very strong impregnation. The genuine beeswax provides lasting protection for the surface and arms it against external influences. The natural hydrophobic components make the leather resistant and water repellent.

Application: Apply to the leather with a soft cloth. Allow to act briefly and then wipe off the remaining excess with a clean cloth. For more heavily soiled leather, we recommend cleaning with EQUIFIX Saddle Soap beforehand.

Tip: Care your leather alternately with EQUIFIX Leather Oil and EQUIFIX Leather Balm. If the leather is very hard, treat it with EQUIFIX saddle soap before use. You will be amazed at how supple the leather is again.
For grease-free cleaning (e.g. seating surfaces of saddles or leather furniture) we recommend EQUIFIX Triplex Leather Cleaner.
And if it must go once completely fast: EQUIFIX Lazy Leather !

Available sizes: 500 ml - 2,5 lit. - 5 lit. - 10 lit.