Easy care harness Biothane Full

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500.00 €

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Easy care harness Biothane Full

Easy care Harness Biothane Full blue or red Driving bridles, comb covers, breastplates rear harnesses, drawstrings, driving line Full single harness made of synthetic materials. Quick Hitch tensioning. Size: Full colorful and easy-care exclusive harness sturdily processed, holes punched oval, 4-fold sewn, reinforcing nylon inserts and buckle underlays. High quality stainless steel fittings, roller buckles Leather carrying eye with quick release buckle, quick hitch tensioning Padded breastplate, tether, belly strap and rear harness Belly strap straight Pulling lines and driving line in matching Biothane without bits and lead Driving bridle nylon reinforced: Cheek pieces with blinkers noseband, headpiece and browband padded