Disinfection Spray Against viruses, bacteria

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Disinfection spray from Bense&Eicke

Against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Indispensable agent for disinfecting hands, surfaces, doors, stable and accessories.

Optimal protection for humans and animals.

200 ml spray can

Rough disinfection - destroys pathogens

Disinfection spray is a biocide in ready-to-use aerosol preparation.
It reliably and safely destroys bacteria, viruses and moulds.
It adheres well and is suitable for the gentle disinfection of hands, surfaces, door handles, etc.

Application: Shake the can briefly and then spray the surface to be treated from a distance of approx. 30 cm (test for product compatibility beforehand in an inconspicuous place if necessary). The optimum application rate is a spray burst of 2 seconds (corresponding to 2-3 ml) per square meter.
The optimum application time is 2 minutes, but can be increased to up to 10 minutes if deep disinfection is desired. After drying of the product film no post-treatment is necessary.