Caring for dogs

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Caring for dogs properly - that's how it's done

published by Cadmos Verlag GmbH

Paperback, German, 32 pages

Caring for dogs properly - that's how it's done

Author: Heike E Wagner

Tips for a well groomed horse

published by Cadmos Verlag GmbH

Paperback, German, 32 pages

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From the content:

The correct body care is an important prerequisite for keeping a dog healthy. This includes not only regular combing and brushing, but also the care of paws and claws, cleaning of ears and teeth as well as professional cutting, trimming or shearing of the fur in many breeds. In this book you will learn how to give your dog the best possible care and receive many useful tips.

Heike E. Wagner has been breeding Golden Retrivers for many years and also holds seminars on professional body and coat care.


Anyone who keeps a dog, be it a pedigree dog or a mixed breed dog, assumes responsibility for his four-legged friend and therefore undertakes the obligation to keep and care for him in a way that is as appropriate to his species as possible. This includes not only a well-balanced diet, exercise appropriate to age and breed, a meaningful occupation as well as regular routine visits to the veterinarian, but also proper body care. Dog grooming involves more than just brushing, trimming or clipping the dog's coat: eyes, ears, teeth, anus and genitals should also be regularly checked and cleaned.

The regular care hours do not at all ensure that the dog is clean and tidy, they also mean closeness and physical contact between human and dog, which is good for both and strengthens the bond. In addition, humans have the possibility to test and examine their animals thoroughly in order to detect possible diseases or parasites. Before a thorough examination and subsequent treatment, the veterinary surgeon also first of all evaluates the "general condition" of the dog according to the external impression. A healthy dog has clear eyes, a well-groomed, as complete as possible set of teeth, beautiful coat, healthy claws and paws as well as a clean anus.

In this book you will learn which maintenance measures are necessary and how to proceed correctly. In addition, numerous tips are given on how to make your dog even more beautiful and which aids and equipment make the work easier. And if you have a bit of manual dexterity, you can also try your hand at the usual "hairstyles" of the breed and save yourself some trips to the dog parlour.