Baroque Bridle ProCheval

Product no.: Pro 2050

89.95 €
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Baroque bridle made of soft quality leather

matching smooth leather reins with silver fittings

This snaffle impresses with magnificent fittings and curved leather pieces

for baroque and iberian riding style

Matching full length leather reins are available.

Portuguese bridle

made of glove soft quality leather

ornamented chromed brass fittings

both cheek straps can be adjusted separately

the throatlatch is adjustable on both sides, as well as the chinstrap

color: black

Fittings: silver

Size: Shetty, Pony X Full and XXL Full

Approx. measurements for

Coldblood / XFull browband 44-45cm, cheek piece 39-40cm 1x adjustment/ holes

Noseband shortest setting 44cm - longest setting 77cm, each side approx. 8 adjustability/ holes

Noseband shortest setting 65cm - longest setting 77cm, approx. 9 adjustment possibilities/ holes

Maxi Coldblood / XXFull Browband 47cm, cheek piece 40-42cm 1x adjustment/ holes

Noseband shortest setting 46cm - longest setting 80cm, each side approx. 8 adjustment possibilities/ holes

Noseband shortest setting 60cm - longest setting 81cm, approx. 9 adjustability/ holes