Western bridle spare parts

Western bridle spare parts

Western bridle spare parts

We have high quality spare parts for your leather,

For all sizes from MiniShetty to cold blood and any occasion

No matter whether as show Western bridle from fine North American Harnessleder and elaborately decorated

Or as a practical workroom made from first class quality leather

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Welding straps for Western trunks

Product no.: HiTack+ Pro W2030

Welding straps for Western bridle

Length: approx. 125 cm

Color: brown, black, natural

19.90 *
In stock

New Mouth Closer

Product no.: HiTack+ 1265

Mouth Closer for Western bridle

Genick belt adjustable

Different versions from Rope or leather

14.95 *

New Bosal

Product no.: GR 270067

The Bosal from raw skin in very good use quality

Stands for tireless riding, freedom diner and gentle horsemanship

69.95 *
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