Rope & Strings

Rope & Strings

Rope & Strings

Western rope`s, work knits and Rope's

from 2m to 6m,

Embroidered with names embroidered possible

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Premium polystrick with large carabiner hook

Product no.: Pro W 5001

Premium polystrick with large carabiner hook

Color: black, bordeaux, dark blue

Length: approx. 2,70 m


14.95 *

Premium Hamilton Rope

Product no.: HiTack 1833

Polystrick Original Hamilton
Length 2,7m with goldem carabiner
Available in all halter colors

16.95 *
In stock

Lead rope "Exclusive Collection"

Product no.: GR 240025

Braided rope "Exclusive Collection"

With Panikhak Length: approx. 2.20m

Colors: turquoise-gray, black-brown

7.95 *

Western knit with carabiner hook

Especially grippy western knit with snap hooks

Cotton work knit with thickened end

Length 3m Color red, white, blue

15.95 *

Ground work rope

Product no.: Pro W 5009

Groundwork knit Rope with thick carabiner

Spiral-woven knit in wool-white cotton

Length 6m; Diameter 14mm

24.95 *

Soft * horse trick

Product no.: Pro 5101

Very grippy braided soft * horse trick

Length: 2 m, with Panikhook

In great new colors !!!!

4.95 *
In stock

Premium poly rope with panic hook

Premium polystrick with a large panic hook

Color: black, bordeaux, dark blue,

Length: 2,70 m

12.95 *

Rope Lasso "Cowcatcher"

Product no.: Pro W 2310 E

Rope Lasso "Cowcatcher"

geflochtenes Lasso in bester Gebrauchsqualität

Länge: ca. 9 m

33.95 *

Horseman Rope

Product no.: Pro W 5008

The Horseman ground work rope

Reinforced nylon knit with inner sole

With "leather clapper" and sturdy firefighter hook

42.95 *

Braided horse rope

Product no.: Pro 5103

Braided horse rope

Length 2.50cm Color: Colorful

"Supersoft" quality, pleasantly soft material

9.95 *

Training rope

Product no.: Pro W 5007

Training knit in proficiency

With leather ends and a sturdy, chrome-plated carabiner hook

Length: approx. 4.25 m (white with red 'dots')

24.95 *
29.90 €
You save 17 %

Premium Polyrope

Product no.: Pro W 5001 NEPH

Premium Poly rope

Super workstrick in premium quality

Color: purple, bordeaux, red, Length: 2,70 m

9.95 *
In stock

Contact stick ProCheval

Product no.: Pro W 6000

Length: approx. 125 cm (stick) + 180 cm (rope)

Fabric covered fiberglass skirt

With rubberized handle

15.95 *

Rope 4m

Product no.: HiTack 1825

Groundwork knit in heavy coach quality

With leather ends and bullsnap

Rope Length: approx. 4 m

48.55 *

Rope in serious proficiency

Product no.: HiTack 1826

Trainer Rope in heavy proficiency

With leather ends and a sturdy snap hook

Length: approx. 7 m

59.95 *

Lead rope "Easy Going Colour"

Product no.: GR 990454

Tether rope "Easy Going" lead rope

either with panic hook or carabiner

Length: 2 m 

3.95 *
In stock

Leading rope Paddock bicolour

Product no.: GR 240019

braided tie and lead rope Paddock bicolour

Length: 2.00 m with carabiner

Colours: mixed or black

4.65 *
In stock

New stable horses tying rope Neon

Product no.: GR 990463

stable horse tie cord neon

weatherproof made of stable material

Length: approx. 2,10m - 2,20m with snap - carabiner or panic hook

3.95 *
4.45 €
You save 11 %

Brown tie rope

Product no.: G 990083

Brown horses tie rope

handy band weaving on length: approx. 200cm

chrome-coloured panic hook 


4.95 *
In stock

Ground work Westernrope with bullsnap 8m

Product no.: GR 270060 Active

Groundwork knit Western-Rope with Bullsnap

soft, non-slip outer material and solid inner core

Length: 8m Ø 15mm,

19.95 *
In stock

Ground work rope Westernrope with bullsnap

Product no.: GR 270174

Ground work knit Western-Rope Lime with Bullsnap

Spiral-braided mid-weight working knit in fresh color

Length: 4.25m; 14 ft

22.95 *
In stock

colorful Premium poly rope

colorful polystrick with a large panic hook

Color: black, bordeaux, dark blue,

Length: 2,70 m

8.95 *

Westernrope "RED Bull" with Bullsnap

Product no.: GR 270061

Westernrope "RED Bull" with Bullsnap

Spiral-braided knitwork knit with a fixed inner core

Length: 4.5m, Diameter: 18mm,

18.95 *
In stock

Cotton working rope with snap carabiner

Product no.: GR 990326

Cotton working rope with snap carabiner

Colours: white, red, royal blue, dark blue, black

Width approx. 20mm, length approx. 3,10 cm

9.95 *
In stock

two-tone horse rope Avalon

Product no.: G 240020

Bordeaux - beige two-tone horse tie cord Avalon

handy band weaving on length: 2.2 m;

particularly noble with golden panic hook

4.95 *
In stock
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