bridles and accessories

bridles and accessories

Bridle and riding brace made of first-class materials

With matching front parts

Optimally matched accessories

High quality also for all horses

bridles from mini to maxi

bridles from mini to maxi

Very horse-friendly series in select good leather quality
Developed in cooperation of German and Swedish specialists

Western bridle

Western bridle

Quality leather covers for all sizes from MiniShetty to draft

Whether ornately decorated for the show or practical work spaces

Bitless Bridles

Bitless Bridles

Bitless bridle, the super soft alternative to riding with bit.

Ideal for sensitive horses or after a visit to the dentist.

Baroque Bridles

Baroque Bridles

Selected bridles in selected good leather quality

Best raw materials & first-class processing

Available in many sizes

Riding & driving bites

Riding & driving bites

Riding and driving bites are available in various designs and materials, Sizes from 9,5 to 19,5 cm

protector for horses and accessories

protector for horses and accessories

Lambskin, neoprene and teedy fleece protector,

For halters, waist belts, bridles and saddles.

Bridle accessories / spare parts

Bridle accessories / spare parts

Trens accessories for each bridle, such as a detachable buckle strap, sparkling headbands, baking pieces ect.

Spanish baroque riding

Spanish baroque riding

In the classic Baroque horse riding, fine riding with minimal aids is striven for, that suitable accessories are with us

Riding stables, helmets and fender

Riding stables, helmets and fender

Wide range of leather leathers, webbing straps, magic reins, biothane straps, helmets and fender

whips and spurs

whips and spurs

Practical tools for experienced riders are 
Professional riding aid for tournaments, training and dressage.


Spare parts metal[

Spare parts metal[

Great selection Spare parts made of metal parts
Such as bridle and chin chains, loop eyelet, patent buckle, carabiner, ect.

kieffer bridle

kieffer bridle

Treeless saddles are a solution for every horse. We have three test best saddles on offer.

Equest Bridles

Equest Bridles

bridle & riding brace made of first-class materials
ideal for jumping, dressage or eventing

High quality also for small horses

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Horse store special 2020

Product no.: Special 2021

Horse Shop Special 2021
from a purchase of ... there is the possibility
 20,-€ a curry comb
 35,-€ a pair of gloves
 75,-€ a girth protector
100,-€ a saddle girth

for 1,-€ to acquire

1.00 *

pony bridle &Strass

Product no.: Pro SO 2099

Elegant english combined pony-bridle with brass buckles

Belt buckles with brass buckles

In good leather quality

24.95 *
32.95 €
1 piece(s) = 20.00 €
You save 24 %
In stock

Leather bridle * Snow *

Product no.: Pro 2036 Saskia

Made of fine, fine white leather,

Incl. Leather strap

Größen: Minishetland bis Extra big draft

59.95 *
1 piece(s) = 38.95 €
In stock

Bridle "Middle Ages"

Product no.: Pro MA 1000

Handmade bridle with leather straps

Colors: black, brown and new Antik

Sizes: cob, Full, draft, XL draft

80.00 *
139.90 €
You save 43 %
In stock

English combined bridle ❤ Vintage

Product no.: Pro 2007 Karin

Front and noseband white  interlaced

and white underlined
Including webbing straps

Sizes Pony, Thoroughbred,

10.00 *
39.95 €
You save 75 %
In stock

Bridle Limited Edition

Product no.: GR 250220 Unicorn

Leather snaffle Limited Edition

Sizes : Minishetty, Shetty, Pony, Cob, Full, XFull

in many colours including web reins

38.00 *
49.95 €
You save 24 %
In stock

LED Illuminated neck ring

Product no.: USG 13200018

Luminous LED neck ring

is suitable for all horses and ponies.

Flashing light with up to 4, continuous light with up to 2.5 hours 

17.95 *
Not in stock

Strass snaffle bridle with curved browband

Snaffle bridle with curved strass Browband

detachable ratchet strap holder, wide anatomical headpiece

Sizes: Pony, Cob , Full , XFull

126.95 *
Not in stock

Anatomical varnish bridle

Anatomical patent snaffle bridle

Swedish patent noseband and extra soft padding

Pony, Cob , Full , XFull

119.95 *
In stock

Brow-band "Flower Crown"

Product no.: Pro 2100 Flower

Brow-band "Flower Crown" 

headband studded with brightly coloured and white stones

Size: thoroughbred, warmblood

20.00 *
In stock

Bridle Funny Christal

Product no.: Pro 65059 Fancy Christal

Snaffle Bridle Funny Christal

Sizes : Minishetty, Shetty, Pony, Cob, Full

in many colors including Magic Reins

43.95 *
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