Lunging & Vaulting

Lunging & Vaulting

Sizes from mini-shetty foals to cold bloods

lunges, ropes, pads, volitier and lunging harnesses and accessories

made of high quality materials

in super professional quality for ground work and volitiging

Shetty ground work

Shetty ground work

Voltigiergurt, Lungiergurt and lunge made of high quality materials

In professional quality

Draft ground work

Draft ground work

Voltigiergurt, Lungiergurt and lunge made of high quality materials

In professional quality

cavesson & accessories

cavesson & accessories

Capholes and Serreta are perfect for groundwork,
make it easy to handle Work with your horse

Rope & Nose Halter

Rope & Nose Halter

Unusual knotted halters from Minshetty to draft

In the highest trainer quality ideal for ground work

Harness and lunging pad

Harness and lunging pad

Driving and lunging underlay in super professional quality
Belts with separate waist straps ensure more flexibility

Lunging belt & Vaulting belt

Lunging belt & Vaulting belt

Voltigier- and Lungierbelts in super professional quality
Belts with separate waist straps ensure more flexibility



Quality for ground work, lunging and volitioning
Lengths according to your wishes - even embroidery with names possible



Sturdy ropes in bright colors and best quality
Choice of different materials and lengths to 6m

Biothane  / ComfiCord

Biothane / ComfiCord

Leash material from ComfiCord® or Biothane, super insensitive, weatherproof and attractive in colour



Various dashes and accessories in proficiency quality
Groundwork is one of the most important principles when dealing with your horse

protector for horses

protector for horses

Soft lambskin Protectors, stable neoprene Protectors

Protectors protect your sensitive horse

Lunging whips

Lunging whips

Practical tools for experienced riders are lunge whips and whips
They are riding aids for work, training and dressage.
Longen accessories

Longen accessories

Practical lancing accessories for the belt such as
Saddle belt extenders, saddle straps and protectors

Spare parts metal[

Spare parts metal[

Great selection Spare parts made of metal parts
Such as bridle and chin chains, loop eyelet, patent buckle, carabiner, ect.

Rope Factory

Rope Factory

Various materials and lengths from 2 m to 6 m,
Personalize by individual embroidery design



Natural horse goodies for special needs, prevents deficiencies and ensures well-being.....

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Horse store special 2020

Product no.: Special 2021

Horse Shop Special 2021

as a thank you to all customers who have been through the year with us

were super patient and very understanding

1.00 *
17.90 €
You save 94 %

Lunging/ Vaulting Lashes

Product no.: Pro 2604

Lunging/ Vaulting Lashes with swivel and hook

for buckling into the bit rings

Material: nylon

4.50 *
5.95 €
You save 24 %
In stock

Soft Cavesson

Product no.: GR 170042 Clever

cavesson from stable belt material with three rings

fur on nose, neck and baking pieces

Ideal for those who like to long with halters!

10.00 *
14.95 €
You save 33 %
In stock

Adjustable Neck ring Soft

Product no.: HG 15200003

Adjustable neck ring soft

it is perfectly suitable for ground and free work

diameter: 15mm; length: 90cm

12.95 *

Colourful lunging whip 180cm with blow

Product no.: HG 1630 043

Colorful lunging whip 180cm with blow

Length:180 cm (stick) + 230 cm (rope)

Colours: yellow, orange, royal blue, pink, blackberry, green,red

15.95 *
In stock

Driving and lunging pad USG

Product no.: USG 1140 0007

Driving and lunging pad underlay USG

Pony: length: 82cm - width: 22cm; Cob/Full: length: 117 cm - width: 29 cm

underlaid with soft teddy fur

15.00 *
17.95 €
You save 16 %
In stock

Adjustable Neck ring

Product no.: HG 15200002

Adjustable neck ring

is therefore suitable for all horses and ponies.

the ring as addition to bridle and reins works small miracles. 

17.95 *
In stock

Training rope 4,25 m

Product no.: Pro W 5007

Training rope in proficiency

With leather ends and a sturdy, chrome-plated carabiner hook

Length: approx. 4.25 m (white with red 'dots')

29.95 *
In stock

Training surcingle covered with TeddyFleece

Product no.: GR 170045 Gorgeous

Training surcingle with soft teddy fleece lining

ideal for classic floor work

Size: Pony, Cob, Full

34.95 *
In stock

Horseman Rope

Product no.: Pro W 5008

The Horseman ground work rope

Reinforced nylon knit with inner sole

With "leather clapper" and sturdy firefighter hook

37.00 *
44.95 €
You save 18 %
In stock

Driving and lunging pad Grumbling Unicorn (Größe: Shetty)

Driving and lunging pad underlay Grumbling Unicorn

Colours: dark

Size: Shetty, Pony, Thoroughbred / Warmblood

42.95 *
In stock

Coldblood cavesson

Product no.: Pro 2610 KB

coldBlood Cavesson

with soft leather padded noseband,

very suitable for dressage work, ground work and for lungeing

84.95 *
In stock

Riding cushion "Bareback" by USG

Product no.: USG 15200006-100

High quality riding cushion "Bareback" by USG

for optimal riding comfort and very gentle on the horse

with handle

129.95 *
In stock

Horsesshop beltlonge in desired color

Product no.: Bänder 24 PPGurt

Horseshop Gurtlonge as a custom-made product

Length, color and width variable

Production on order

5.50 *
1 piece(s) = 8.50 €
In stock
can be shipped within 10-14 days
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery