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Horse store special 2020

Product no.: Special 2021

Horse Shop Special 2021

as a thank you to all customers who have been through the year with us

were super patient and very understanding

1.00 *
17.90 €
You save 94 %

Underlaid Nylon halter No.13

Product no.: Pro 5000 GR 180045

Underlaid Nylon halter No.13

soft fleece lined stable and pasture halter

Sizes : Shetty, Pony, Cob, Full

5.95 *
In stock

Miniline harness Red Style (Anspannung: Einspänner, Pferdetyp: Mini Shetty)

Miniline harness Red Style

With breast blade, straps, driving bridle, pull straps, Rear harness

269.00 / set(s) *
In stock

New Single horse shetland harness Brown

Product no.: FF 102184 braun

Single-horse Shetty harness in brown

complete harness with driving bridle, breastplate, straps, pull cords, rear harness

218.95 *
In stock

one & Two-horse shetland harness red

Product no.: Pro 7014

complete harness DeLuxe in the special color RED

for single or double harness Shetty

with breastplate, headpieces, cords and Achenbach line

329.95 *
In stock

Stainless steel post curb 185mm

Product no.: Sprenger Kaltblut Sonderanfertigung

Sprenger Stainless steel post curb for Draft

thickness 16mm - width 185mm

with movable side parts

86.00 *
Current daily price
In stock

New Double cracked snaffle bit with shanks

Product no.: Pro W2207 Sprenger 49999 999 98

Billy Allan Bit with movable center piece

size 15,5cm, 16,5cm with 55mm D-rings

freedom of reed due to curved mouthpiece

49.00 *
69.95 €
You save 30 %
In stock

single or double harness Miniline

Product no.: Pro 7000 fwf 75009 Freizeit-Geschirr

Single or double harness Miniline

Sizes Mini-Shetty , Shetty, Pony

incl. straps, bridle, cords and harness

199.95 / set(s) *
1 set(s) = 299.00 €
In stock

Red Vaulting Belt for Shettys

Product no.: Pro 2701 SHR

Red Vaulting Belt for Shetland ponys

In good leather quality;With two round handles;

With separate waist belt

99.00 *
119.95 €
You save 17 %
In stock

New Vaulting strap with round handles DeLuxe

Vaulting strap with round handles

With separate leather belly

Size: Shetty, Pony, Warmblood, Cold Blood

110.00 *
129.95 €
You save 15 %
In stock

Leather Vaulting- lunging belt Extra

Product no.: FF 004177 extra

Leather lunging belt extra with separate waist belt

Colour: black or withe

belly circumference: 190 cm - ca. 225 cm; width: 11 cm

228.95 *
In stock

Length adjustable Training surcingle

Product no.: Pro 2615

Length adjustable Training surcingle

Separate leather-reinforced waistbelt

Sizes: Shetty, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Cold Blood

30.00 *
33.95 €
You save 12 %
In stock

Training surcingle covered with TeddyFleece

Product no.: GR 170045 Gorgeous

Training surcingle with soft teddy fleece lining

ideal for classic floor work

Size: Pony, Cob, Full

34.95 *
In stock

Training surcingle brown

Product no.: GR 170019

Brown Training surcingle with soft cushions

9 large rings for attaching auxiliary items

Color: chocolate-vanilla, sizes: Full

36.95 *
In stock

Lunging belt USG for Mini Shetty

Product no.: USG 14600010

Lunging belt  für Mini Shetty

Extra for miniature horses and minishettys

WEICH underlaid, with many rings

31.95 *
In stock
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