bridle with yellow rhinestones

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English combined exclusive snaffle with yellow rhinestones

soft leather-lined V-headband decorated with precious yellow rhinestones

Noseband cambered and lined with soft natural leather;

especially high-quality processed from noble leather in very stable quality

the locking strap and the holder are completely removable;

incl.  reins

Size:Cob/Thoroughbred, Warmblood, Cold Blood, Maxi Cold Blood
(Measurements at the example of warm blood: headband 46cm;noseband 65cm plus three holes each for smaller and larger setting;neck strap 110cm plus 13cm adjustable on each side)

Dimensions for cold blood: headband 48-49 cm; nose strap 80cm plus three holes each for smaller and larger adjustment max.83,5cm; neck strap 129cm and 10cm shorter on each side

Dimensions Maxi Kaltblut:
Neck strap 82cm + cheek pieces each 30cm without buckle

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Product Note Status Price
Bridle Limited Edition Bridle Limited Edition
38.00 € *
Extra narrow Bridle Diamond Extra narrow Bridle Diamond
49.95 € *
Bridle "Middle Ages" Bridle "Middle Ages"
80.00 € *
Baroque Bridle Classic Baroque Bridle Classic
72.95 € *
Baroque Bridle Elegance Baroque Bridle Elegance
72.95 € *
English combined bridle ❤ Vintage English combined bridle ❤ Vintage
25.00 € *
Bitless bridle "Connection" by USG Bitless bridle "Connection" by USG
50.00 € *
Bitless bridle "Trust" by USG Bitless bridle "Trust" by USG
84.95 € *
Spanish saddle Spanish saddle
499.95 € *
Angel lambskin saddlecloth Angel lambskin saddlecloth
74.95 € *
Saddle pad "Baroque" Saddle pad "Baroque"
24.95 € *
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