Leather Care Faulpelz

Leather Care Faulpelz

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Leather care Eau de lazy by EQUIFIX

The genial leather care for all dulters

You really have to try it to believe it!

The "Equistar" of leather care, independent Easy-Care leather care

- cleans and greases saddle completely independently in 2 minutes

- no more clogging of leather

Equifix Faulpelz is a completely new combination of saddle soap and leather balm, as it was never before available on the market.
With Equifix Faulpelz the saddle made from smooth leather can be simply cleaned, greased and groomed. The time is 2 minutes!

Imagine if you take off your horse after riding, take the bridle and swing 3 times in a bucket of the dulcimer mixture. Then hang them as always in the saddle chamber. The bridle you have just hung up is as clean as cleaned with saddle soap and so neat as with leather balsam greased.
This is Faulpelz!

Application: Simply dissolve 4 caps of Equifix Faulpelz in a bucket filled with 5 l of water as a dish detergent. Saddle the saddle, swing 3 times (approx. 30 sec.), Remove and hang up. Finished!

The leather is now completely cleaned and greased and can be reused after 15 minutes. Trensen, Halfter and similar. Do not need to be strained. Metal parts such as teeth or headbands are cleaned simultaneously.
Boots and saddles are simply wiped with a sponge. Gone is the time of laborious time-consuming saddle care.
Equifix Faulpelz is also fast and effortless to provide a well-groomed and clean saddle for the horse, even at the tournament, after railings or horse-drawn carriage rides.

Available sizes: 1000 ml - 2 lit. 5 lit. - 10 lit. - 25 lit.

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