Knothalter & Rope

Knothalter & Rope

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Knot halter with lead rope made of sturdy high-quality nylon fabric,

high-quality, heavy professional material in 8mm thickness

ideal for Horseman Ship training with your horse

Halter variable adjustable by knots;

Removable knitwear

diameter 2cm, length approx. 170cm

suitable for ground work, as a travelling halter under the bridle,

to lead or go for a walk

suitable for warm blood, whole blood

Colour lime green


Product Note Status Price
Nodal holder with reins rings Nodal holder with reins rings
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Knothalter Knothalter
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Shetland knot halter Shetland knot halter
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draft knot holder draft knot holder
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Colorful knotted halter Colorful knotted halter
7.00 € *
Nodal holder colored Nodal holder colored
4.00 € *
Western halter with leader Western halter with leader
16.95 € *
Knot holster "Colour" Knot holster "Colour"
8.95 € *
USG knot halter with strass USG knot halter with strass
12.95 € *
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