Single breast harness Big Boy

Single breast harness Big Boy

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Single breast harness Big Boy

complete harness suitable for tournaments with curved breast blade

    exclusive harness leather
    stainless steel fittings
    Leather eyelet with quick release fastener, nylon reinforced
    roll buckles
    Reinforcing nylon inlays and buckle supports
    Chest, abdominal belt and neck strap padded
    Belly strap anatomically shaped
    Cushion wool-filled
    Neck strap - padded and anatomically shaped comb support
    Padded back harness
    strand carrier
    Tension cords, 4-fold sewn, cambered
    without bit

Driving bridle:

    Neck section curved
    Rosettes covered with leather
    Noseband, headpiece and browband soft padded

Colour: black, brown

Size: XXXFull, XXFull, XFull,

This crockery is a special sale and is sold in three sizes and cannot be assembled and exchanged according to the dimensions! While stocks last.

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Größe XXXFull


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