Quality for ground work, lunging and volitioning

Lengths according to your wishes From 2m possible

even embroidery with names possible

Shetty - Doppellongen, Rope, Lasso, Longen,

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New Rope in serious proficiency

Product no.: HiTack+ 5607

Mini Rope with leather ends

and stable snap hook

Length: approx. 3.1 m different colours

17.95 *
In stock

New sturdy Hamilton lunge with chain

Product no.: HiTack 1835

sturdy Hamilton lunge with gold-coloured chain

Length: approx. 790cm with Snap

Rich, vibrant colors

44.95 *

Horsesshop beltlonge in desired color

Product no.: Bänder 24 PPGurt

Horseshop Gurtlonge as a custom-made product

Length, color and width variable

Production on order

5.50 *
1 piece(s) = 8.50 €
In stock
can be shipped within 10-14 days

Soft * Longe - Lunging Line 8m

Product no.: Pro 2601 SL

Soft * Lounge made of soft - touch soft * material
With handcuffs and swirls
Length approx. 8 m, different colors

14.95 *
In stock

New Longe ideal for name embroidery

Product no.: FF 101911

Longe ideal for name embroidery

Also great as a drag line for dogs

Length 8,5 m; Different colors, with carabiner

19.95 *

Belt longe - Lunging line 8,5m

Product no.: Pro 2601

Belt harness made of stable, tear-resistant belt;

With handrail, swivel and exchangeable hook

Length 8 m Colors black, brown

18.95 *
In stock

Strap double longe 16m

Product no.: Pro 2601 DO

Strap double belt made of tearproof belt

With swivels and interchangeable hooks

Length 16 m Colors black, brown

30.00 *
34.95 €
You save 14 %
In stock

New Soft * double longe 16m

Product no.: FF 101092

Soft* Doppellonge 16m

aus weichem, griffigen, stabilen Baumwollmaterial;

mit Handschlaufe und Wirbel

34.95 *

Rope Lasso "Cowcatcher"

Product no.: Pro W 2310 E

Rope Lasso "Cowcatcher"

geflochtenes Lasso in bester Gebrauchsqualität

Länge: ca. 9 m

30.00 *
36.95 €
You save 19 %
In stock

Ground work / Lead Rope

Product no.: Pro W 5009

Groundwork knit Rope with thick carabiner

Spiral-woven knit in wool-white cotton

Length 6m; Diameter 14mm

34.95 *
In stock

Horseman Rope

Product no.: Pro W 5008

The Horseman ground work rope

Reinforced nylon knit with inner sole

With "leather clapper" and sturdy firefighter hook

37.00 *
44.95 €
You save 18 %
In stock

Biothane - Longe 9m

Product no.: Art. 0024 Biothane Longe

Biothane - Longe 9m

Made of stable, tear-resistant, weather-resistant biothane;

With exchangeable hook

39.90 *
In stock

Training rope

Product no.: Pro W 5007

Training knit in proficiency

With leather ends and a sturdy, chrome-plated carabiner hook

Length: approx. 4.25 m (white with red 'dots')

29.95 *
In stock

Miniline Shetty Longe

Product no.: GR 170005

The Longe for miniature horses, Minishetty and Shetty !!!

     Length 4,50 m

Colors: red, blue, black, green

9.95 *
In stock

Ground work Westernrope with bullsnap 8m

Product no.: GR 270060 Active

Groundwork knit Western-Rope with Bullsnap

soft, non-slip outer material and solid inner core

Length: 8m Ø 15mm,

21.95 *
In stock

Westernrope Blue with Snap Karabiner

Product no.: GR 270062 Active

Westernrope Blue with Snap Karabiner

Soft grippy outer material, firm inner core

Length: 4,50m, thickness: 18mm

16.95 *
In stock

Longen Manufactory by Hunter

Product no.: Hunter 62115[1]

 Longen Manufactory by Hunter

super insensitive, weatherproof, water-repellent

Size: in 5 or 12m

24.95 *

Round Longe by Hunter

Product no.: Hunter 62810

Round Longe by Hunter

made of water-repellent plastic material

Size: in 5 or 12m with carabiner

24.95 *
1 piece(s) = 29.95 €

New ComfiCord Reflector strips

Product no.: Art. 0030 ComfiCord Reflektor

ComfiCord reflector strips made of weatherproof PVC-coated fabric

to make our harnesses and headpieces ect. safer

0.95 *
In stock

Soft * Longe for Shettys 4,5m

Product no.: Pro 2601 SLSH

Extra short Soft * Longe for small horses

Made of soft, firm, sturdy cotton material;

With handrail and swirl length approx. 4,50 m

14.95 *

can be shipped within 7-10 days

New Exclusive nature knit

Product no.: EQ 220 900

laid rope made ​​of hemp with verspleistem end
Carabiner hook or panic

German  hand product, Exclusively for us!

35.95 *
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