Multi bridle "German Riding" 4in1

Multi bridle "German Riding" 4in1

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Multibridle "German Riding" 4in1
The One for All.

Snaffle + cavesson bridle + halter + bitless snaffle in one

    super soft and extra thick underlays on neck, forehead, nose and chin straps
    stainless steel fittings
    all buckles are lined with leather so that nothing can rub against the horse's head.
    3 times reinforced noseband with nylon reinforcement
    second throat strap for optimal adjustment
    the denture can be easily removed and reattached at any time by means of separate snap attachments
    Swedish noseband
    the noseband runs over the neck piece and cannot press so
    anatomical headpiece

and 4 leather reins for use on bit and cavesson at the same time

    the second reins incl. buckle can be removed and reattached very easily
    made of finest, oiled leather in excellent leather quality

Colour: latigo

Size: Pony, Cob, Full

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